Our Podcast shows will be more of us discussing our lives in the RV Transport, The Industry, Industry news that we know of and some random ramblings and experiences we want to share in our journey.  so if you don’t want to hear us talk, best you not listen LOL

We are in the process of submitting our show to all the podcast sites all over the internet and we will list where you can find us right now.  If you see our podcast anywhere not listed here, please let us know and we will list that site.


Listen to our shows, click the links below!

Episode 12 – Maintenance – Verify the work

Episode 11 – Where are you guys and are you still doing videos and podcast

Episode 10 – We setup our RAM for Flat Towing – Commercial Insurance and Check your brakes

Episode 9 – Questions to ask RV Transport recruiters and Come to Orientation Prepared

Episode 8 – Just us talking about what we were doing last month

Episode 7 – Why do we do Podcast and Videos during the slowdown – Transport Companies and Drivers leaving the RV Transport

Episode 6 – Winter is coming – Interstates in the winter – the apps we use for rv transport

Episode 5 – The Slow Down Continues – We Met the Transport Bandits and What we are doing

Episode 4 – The Hershey Show – The Blue Ox Sway Pro – RV Industry news – What we are doing

Episode 3 – Our RAM Dually broke down and we got it fixed

Episode 2 – The Slow Down

Episode 1 – Our introduction to our podcast for RV transport 9-6-2022